What Constitutes an Eye Emergency?

What Constitutes an Eye Emergency?

We all deal with stuff getting in our eyes, from specks of dust to eyelashes. But when it comes to eye injuries, more people deal with them than you think. Each year 20,000 people struggle with work-related eye injuries which can lead to missing work and losing pay. 

Eye injuries can cause temporary issues or permanent damage. But what kind of problems constitutes an eye emergency? Let’s look at the different types of eye injuries, which ones require immediate care, and how to avoid them.

If you live in the Pelham Gardens area of the Bronx, New York, and you’re coping with an eye emergency or other visual problems, the medical team at Bronx Eye Associates can get you the help you need.

Types of eye injuries

Injuries to the eye can result from accidents, foreign objects, or sports-related issues. 

These include:

The above injuries are an emergency if the damage presents enough danger to warrant immediate medical attention. See a doctor as soon as possible if you experience vision loss, burning, stinging, double vision, severe headaches, discharge, or blood in the white part of your eye.

In an emergency, avoid rubbing the damaged eye. Don’t attempt to remove anything lodged in it or put ointment or medications in your eye. Blinking can sometimes help with small foreign objects. Minor chemical injuries can be managed by flushing it out with water, but don’t do anything else to your eyes until you get help.

Ways to avoid eye injury

Methods of protection depend on what you’re doing. Goggles are an effective way of protecting your eye or preventing cornea scratches. Goggles can help with any job or household task where there is a risk of a chemical splash or small particles flying near your face. 

Store things safely to reduce the risk of spills or accidents that can lead to eye injuries. Carefully read instructions on fireworks as explosives can harm eyes. Also, avoid pointing bright lights or lasers directly into the faces of others.

Taking precautions around dangerous materials and during certain tasks helps protect your eyes. If you suffer an injury, make an appointment with the team at Bronx Eye Associates.

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