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Eye Fatigue

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Up to 6 in 10 Americans have eye fatigue, also known as computer vision syndrome. Without treatment, eye fatigue can affect your productivity and quality of life. At Bronx Eye Associates in the Pelham Garden neighborhood of the Bronx, New York City, the team of optometrists offers various treatments for eye fatigue that can help you feel better. Call the office to receive treatment for eye fatigue today, or book online.

What is eye fatigue?

Eye fatigue occurs when you use your eyes for extended periods. Anyone can experience eye fatigue, but it’s most common in people who drive long distances or stare at computers or other electronic screens for work. 

Most cases of eye strain are mild and improve with at-home treatments like rest. If your symptoms continue or worsen, it’s crucial you seek treatment to identify the underlying cause.

What are the symptoms of eye fatigue?

Symptoms of eye fatigue include:

    • Sore, tired, or itchy eyes
    • Blurred or double vision
    • Sore neck, shoulders, or back
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Feeling that you can’t keep your eyes open

Some people with eye fatigue also experience frequent headaches.

What causes eye fatigue?

Eye fatigue occurs for various reasons, but it’s often the result of computer and digital device use. If you regularly look at screens for more than two hours in a row, you’re also much likelier to experience eye fatigue.

Electronic screens cause eye fatigue because their screens emit glare and reflection. If you have an underlying eye problem, such as uncorrected vision, staring at an electronic screen can make your symptoms worse.

How is eye fatigue diagnosed?

To diagnose eye fatigue, your Bronx Eye Associates provider reviews your medical history and asks about your symptoms and lifestyle, including when the fatigue started, if it’s worse after certain activities like using a computer, and if you smoke or drink alcohol. Next, your provider completes a comprehensive eye exam, including a vision test. 

How is eye fatigue treated?

Treatment of eye fatigue depends on the underlying cause, the severity of your symptoms, and their effect on your quality of life. For some people, wearing glasses or contacts when using a computer or reading helps reduce eye strain. 

The team might also recommend healthy lifestyle changes to reduce eye strain, including:

    • Adjusting the lighting when working or watching TV
    • Taking frequent breaks if you work at a computer
    • Limiting screen time throughout the day
    • Using over-the-counter eye drops to lubricate your eyes
    • Improving the air quality in your home or office

Small changes like these can prevent eye fatigue, relieve uncomfortable symptoms, and help you be more productive.

Call Bronx Eye Associates to receive treatment for eye fatigue today, or click the online booking feature.